Dryshod Legend Women's Black/Pink Hi

Dryshod Legend Women’s Black/Pink Hi

Amazing boots!! They remind me of my very first ever pair of Muck boots from several years ago. Soo glad to have well fitting, comfortable, dry boots again. I purchased mine from Pine Creek Feeds in Lyons, NY
Only thing I would change is if the purple and black had been available in the store I’d have bought them instead of the pink, but that’s OK. I have a three times broken foot and my first pair of muck boots were so comfortable I wore them all the time for chores. As time went on and I had different pairs they got more and more uncomfortable – I thought it was me. UNTIL I put my new Dry Shod Legends on. I have worn them almost all day every day for the last two weeks – foot pain is almost non-existent. If I keep them dry inside they are also pretty warm too, for the most part (our highs have been single digits and low teens for days. Thanks for a great boot! I’m telling everyone.

Customer testimonial for Dryshod Legend Women’s Boots – received on 12/29/2017. Contact Dryshod here if you have anything we should know.

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